Barb Hughes is a blogger reviewing IMC Licensed products

You probably haven’t heard of Barb Hughes. She’s a blogger who came on the Youtube scene in January of last year, and has over 1000 views on her videos. Her goal is to review fashion and accessory items for women over 40 and help them to realize which products will work the best for them.

She is straightforward and realistic, asking the honest question “would I wear that?”

Recently, Hughes did a review of a pair of Borghese Readers created by IMC partner Icon Eyewear.

Would she wear them? Yes, yes she would. Hughes gave two thumbs up to the reading glasses, which she found to be stylish and functional.

For marketers, though, more interesting than the review itself is the format it is set in. Hughes is a professional blogger, who has now added vlogging to her repertoire. Her blog page is an entire community unto itself. It features posts from herself and other women about clothing that makes them feel good about themselves.

It is women like Barb Hughes who have an increasing amount of power over people’s purse strings. People turn to reviewers like her in order to wade through the storm of media they see all the time in commercials and on billboards. They are a name and face that they can interact with online and share ideas about a product.

At the end of the day, Hughes is a woman with access to a video camera, a computer, and enough charisma to get an audience. This makes her very powerful.


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