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Our sister company, Vibrant Nation, recently surveyed its community of women 45+ to see how they were dealing with one of life’s biggest changes of all- the changes in their hair. Their answers may surprise you.

72% of the women interviewed admitted that once they aged over 50, they started to have more gray hair. However, this is not the issue that worries them the most. In fact, 36% of these women identified thinning hair hair loss as the issue that most concerned them, while only 15% though that gray hair was the most worrying.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy way of reminder, Vibrant Nation continues to provide data to us at IMC about one of the U.S.’s most relevant marketing groups, women over 45. Women in this demographic are generally decision makers in the family, and are entering a phase of life that encourages them to try new experiences and new products.

Most women at this age begin looking for new hair and beauty products which will better suit their changing physical attributes. In 2013, much of this search is being conducted online, where women will look for endorsements from other women like themselves. VN’s survey shows that a recommendation- even one from an online stranger- will do more to push a woman “over the edge” to buy a product than any amount of television or traditional marketing.

This sheds light on the importance of modern advertisers interacting with their consumers online. Marketing needs to be more than shouting information to consumers; it needs to be an open forum where marketers share information, consumers review a product, and the marketer relays the opinions of the consumers to the licensor.

The companies that are the best at making these forums accessible have them across multiple platforms. This includes a website, with commenting and reviewing features, as well as social media.

Having consumers endorse a product not only increases consumption from the rest of the demographic, but also inspires brand loyalty. If a customer is able to have a relationship with a company beyond traditional product purchasing, they are far more likely to buy from that company, and to suggest it to their friends.

Hair care is the perfect platform to examine these marketing theories from, because it is a product category which applies to all demographics.

You can find the original results of the survey on Vibrant Nation’s website, http://www.vibrantnation.com/wp-content/uploads/Hair-Survey-2013-Summary-of-Findings.pdf.


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