We recently ran a campaign using our Vibrant Influencer Network to test and review a new range of products from a major U.S. consumer brand. As usual, the content our VIN members generated was extensive, authentic and evergreen. Hundreds of posts on their own blogs (and Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram) and dozens of features on Vibrant Nation offered women curious about this brand both information and recommendations from the source they listen to most: other women like them.

service wheel with influencer marketingBut this brand also asked us to conduct a pre- and post-campaign survey among consumers exposed to our campaign, and so we have quantifiable data about the impact of influencers on the lives of other vibrant women 45+.

The campaign turned an audience into customers. Among members of our community, there was a 15% increase in the number who said they would “definitely buy” this brand’s products in the next three months after hearing about it from our influencers.

The campaign definitely got women buying (or planning to buy) this brand’s products. We saw lifts in trial/intent from 5-10% across a broad product range.

We’ve always said that the best way to influence women 45+ is through other women like them. This data confirms the direct impact of peer reviews on vibrant women consumers.

The campaign turned customers into repeat customers. Even more impressive was the lift in intent to repurchase among the women who had bought this brand’s products after receiving campaign messages. Among women who had purchased the products, we saw lifts of 8-14% in their intent to buy them again. A contextual recommendation is high in relevance, more likely to resonate with peers – and more likely to strike a chord that will generate not just trial, but retention.

Influencers are great educators. Across the board, we saw an increase in the number of women who knew more about this brand after the influencer campaign ended. We asked women about specific product attributes that were included in campaign messaging. And on awareness of these attributes, we saw lifts of 9-13% in awareness. Women listen to each other, and remember what they hear.

And in some ways this campaign has only just begun. By identifying dozens of bloggers who could generate the right kind of evergreen content about this brand, we ensured that their content will remain online, searchable, and findable by other women looking for information on the brand. And since influence begets influence, the impact of these messages among the super-connected vibrant nation of women 45+ will continue for a long time to come.

[This post originally appeared on Vibrant Nation.]

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