Marketing to Women 45+   

Since Vibrant Nation’s launch in 2008, it has quickly grown into the leading online community of women 45+. With more than 100,000 community members and an established network of bloggers, IMC knows how to reach and market to women 45+. Please click here for more information about how we Market to Women 45+

New Products

With the online community and influencer network of Women 45+, and hundreds of products we’ve helped through brand licensing over the years; we have the knowledge and tools to help brands innovate with new products.

      • Strategy and Insights
      • Consumer Research
      • Innovation and Brand Development

Partner Soliciation

Brand Licensing & Co-Marketing

Finding the right partner can be daunting. With IMC’s established relationships and proprietary database of more than 20,000 manufacturers, brands, and retailers, we allow brands to enter new markets, leapfrog competitors, and grow in new and exciting ways.

      • Strategy
      • Solicitation
      • Program Management