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Which Me Are You Marketing To?

I just got back from the Marketing to Women Conference with a news flash: Did you know that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from autos to health care?

Of course you did, because that is the statistic everyone uses to entice brands to turn their marketing billions toward this demographic, which you would expect.  That is a HUGE number!

This was my first time at the M2W Conference, although Vibrant Nation’s founder, Stephen Reily, has been a regular over the years.  From what I can tell, that statistic has been used for the past decade to get brands’ attention.

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3 Proven Ways to Save Your Brand from the Brink

FastCompany’s recent story “The Biggest Business Comebacks of the Past 20 Years” shared the stories of brands and companies that had returned from the brink to greater success than ever. From Lego to Old Spice, from Netflix to Bacon (yes, bacon), the examples told just the kind of stories we love to think about at IMC: how brands are created, euthanized, and (sometimes) revived, and how new strategies, new partnerships, and new distribution channels makes reinvention possible.

As I read the article, I realized that it also told a strategic story. There seemed to be three different methods these companies and brands had used to come back from the brink. Read more

Amplify through Influencer Marketing

Cracking the Code: The Four Key Elements of Influencer Marketing

“We did Facebook and Twitter in 2014 but don’t have anything in the budget for that this year.”  That from an experienced, forty-something VP of Marketing of a major privately owned home decor brand.

Ugh! Brands know they need to build their social platforms — like their websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to build awareness and engage consumers.  However, they often don’t know where to start, and how to invest in the most productive ways.

We sympathize. Being fairly new to social media strategy and tools myself, here is my attempt to demystify the process for our clients and friends.  These are the four key elements of influencer marketing:

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Earned Social Media = Earned Consumer Trust

Brands are constantly seeking the loyal consumer. Not the one who buys occasionally, but the one who follows through on purchase intent, recommends the product to others, and does it all over and over again. It’s becoming a more elusive prize.

CPG firms continue to bemoan declining brand loyalty.  Deloitte’s annual American Pantry study shows nearly nine in ten consumers are substituting private-label or store brands for the national brand they’ve regularly bought in the past.

In attempting to understand why, I go back to a Harvard Business Review study from 2012 for insights that have only become truer over the last few years. Read more

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3 Things to Consider Before You Start Your Next Content Marketing Campaign

I am writing this blog post because at IMC, we often get halfway through the execution of a campaign and a client will ask us to make changes. As a longtime client services manager, I always want to give the client what they want—but many times we need to push back and ask, what are you trying to accomplish? In my experience, most of these mid-campaign changes come up because the client is trying to do too many things and losing focus on their primary objective. This can have an extremely detrimental effect on the campaign’s results!

Before you get started on your next content marketing campaign, please be sure you can answer the following questions before you move forward to execution.

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Are You Ready To Be Dumped?

When marketers are asked how they keep Boomers engaged, those who don’t ignore them usually admit they take them for granted.

If you are one of these marketers, you should get ready to be dumped.

Recent research from global PR/communications firm Ketchum reminds us that consumers 50+ (and especially women) are suddenly ready for change in all aspects of their lives. And that does mean all aspects. As Ketchum neatly summarizes: “For spouses who haven’t been pulling their weight, friends who are high on drama, and brands that are just force-of-habit, it could mean getting left behind.”

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GenX is 50 - Super Connected

“Home Alone”? Hardly: Former Latchkey Kids are Now Superconnected Adapters

In 2008 we showed that Baby Boomers were the first generation of women whose connections were actually growing as they aged.

In contrast to the dated stereotypes of women withdrawing into a life with diminishing connections to the real world, we showed that today’s vibrant woman becomes only more connected as she ages – a trend that technology only enhances.

As GenX turns 50, its members are more than continuing this trend.

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